3 beautiful old mulberry together in West Square, near Imperial War Museum


West Square, West Square, London, SE11, United Kingdom. [Map]


3 old trees in Georgian period park square. All the trees have fallen over on their sides and are now propped up and in one case metal band around main trunk - noticeable all are fallen over in same direction so suggestion all came down in the same storm. The square's garden was apparently completed in 1799 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Square and there would seem every reason to think these trees date from then. One of the trees has a side that is looking a bit in stress, smaller less green leaves. All have rather small leaves and not too heavy fruit, slightly riper than other trees further south in Lambeth as of July 15th 2009. All there trees show signs of being climbed a lot by the local school kids. People who would have known these trees include Charlie Chaplin who lived at 39 West Square for a brief period as a child and William Blake who lived till 1800 at 13 Hercules Building on Hercules Road a few minutes walk away. Blake related he first saw angels in the branches of a mulberry tree on Peckham Rye as a child.

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